The university has worked together to provide resources for communicators across campus. This addition of the Brand Report contains access to COVID signage for your department, a UNL library with all the new colors, a preview into the Adobe updates, and an introduction to one of UNL's newest videographers!

Notes from Happy Half-Hours

Monthly Happy Half-Hours gave opportunity for VCN members to connect and socialize.

Happy Half-Hours

With most of our network working remotely, this past quarter Co-Working Days shifted into monthly Happy Half-Hours. The spirit of Co-Working Days continued, though, as these events held via Zoom were a great opportunity to opportunity to meet peers, see what they are working on and get feedback. We checked in on each other and discussed cross-campus efforts like online commencement, safety measures and more. Thank you to everyone who joined and for supporting each other during this time.


The Nebraska On-Campus Experience Video Thumbnail

Forward to Fall - What to Expect

Watch this video for more details on what to expect for the return of faculty/staff and students to our campus this fall. In it, we address several questions that you might have regarding your and the whole UNL community's safety.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln has also created an online resource of COVID-19 signage options that departments and units can use as part of the return to on campus instruction for the fall semester. This Nebraska Today article includes the details of what signs are available, the process for installing as well as for ordering signs. This is an initial round of signage content and we will continue to add to the library as necessary and as content as new content is available.

If you have any questions regarding COVID-19 signage, as the article notes, please reach out directly to Carrie Hulsey-Greene.

Nebraska Color and Assets Library for Adobe CC

If you use Adobe Creative Cloud for work, you might want to subscribe to our updated NEBRASKAcolorand assetslibraryfoundhere.The library allows you to access our colors and main assets via the CC libraries tab in InDesign or Illustrator, and it will save you time in trying to hunt for the right color breakdowns every time you are creating a new document.

Subscribe to the NEBRASKA Adobe CC Library

Tips, Tricks & Resources

Example of Select Subject tool in use on Photoshop

Speed up your Workflow with ‘Select Subject’ in Photoshop

The ‘Select Subject’ feature received an update in the June 2020 release of Photoshop (21.2). The revision optimizes the tool letting you select the most prominent subject in an image. Save time from masking out the subject and try out this one-click tool!

Tutorial on Adobe