About Us

Conference room and lobby located at University Communication offices

Purpose and Member Benefits

The Visual Communicators Network is composed of anyone in the field of visual communication including print designers, web designers, photographers, videographers, illustrators and visual artists. People in related fields are welcome to participate as well. The network is facilitated by the staff of University Communication.

The purpose of the Visual Communicators Network is to provide visual communicators opportunities to learn more about and enhance the Nebraska brand and leverage it for their own individual college, department, unit, institute or center.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Visual Communicators Network:

  • It's free
  • Network with fellow designers and visual communicators
  • Learn about the latest topics in visual communications
  • Discuss important subjects related to the Nebraska brand as they arise

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the network?

Join our mailing list and stay up to date on communications and events.

Do I have to be a designer to join?

If you mean a print or web designer, no, you don't have to be one to join the network. Videographers, photographers, illustrators, visual artists and anyone in a related marketing field can benefit from VCN membership and networking opportunities.

Do I really need to join another group on campus?

You don't have to, but we'd love to have you join us. At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, we encourage colleagues to become stakeholders in branding efforts and your help and input is highly valuable. It also provides you the opportunity to network with fellow creative colleagues who face similar challenges as you do within your own office.