Check out our spring issue of the Brand Report for the scoop on what we talked about in Happy Half-Hours, some tips and tricks, and a look at our featured Communicator of the Quarter.

Notes from Happy Half-Hours

ASEM 2022 Design Direction Examples

March Happy Half-Hour: ASEM Design Direction 2022

Gwen Riemenschneider (Senior Graphic Design Specialist, ASEM) and Sam Sisco (Graphic Design Specialist, ASEM) gave the VCN insight into ASEM’s working brand expression for 2022. The design direction will include more full-color imagery, a renewed focus on the UNL cream color, and attention to clarity and ample white space. The presentation helped spark conversation across multiple departments as teams evaluate and implement their own expressions of the brand. Printing Services, the university’s G7 certified printing operation, will be testing the UNL cream to ensure ASEM and all other departments can print an accurate and consistent cream. ASEM and other departments discussed the excitement of sharing their work and receiving feedback through the VCN as their expressions of the UNL brand comes to fruition this spring. 

Brittany Meiners presents during April's Happy Half-Hour.

April Happy Half-Hour: Social Media with Student Affairs and UComm

We heard from several members of the Student Affairs communication team (Brittany Meiners, digital communications coordinator, Anusana Abdel-Monem, graphic design specialist, and Alex Lupori, graphic design specialist) and the new digital content specialist for University Communication, Avni Srivastav. They presented on their experience in scheduling and creating social media content. They emphasized the importance of strong, yet flexible templates and they presented some of their work to the VCN. It showed how the full extent of the University’s brand allows for effective visual communication through the ever-changing world of social media.


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The VCN transitioned its chat over to Microsoft Teams! We dropped new branded templates on Teams there previously. Join us at: It's your place to share your work, ask questions and look for resources.

Tips, Tricks & Resources

Editing Tricks in Lightroom Mobile

Sometimes the only photos we have available to use are smarphone photos, but don't fret, in this great article you will find 10 tips for improving your smartphone photos. Of course you can also use these tips on Lightroom for Desktop, the concepts would still apply. Click on the link to learn more and happy editing!

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