Welcome to our Fall 2020 issue. We have had a busy summer at Nebraska, and we are well under way on our creative new school year. This edition of the Brand Report contains a summary of our happy half-hours, several upcoming professional development opportunities, tips and tricks to avoiding zoom fatigue, and an introduction to one of the photographers at the university!

Notes from Happy Half-Hours

September's Happy Half-Hour Tested Our Trivia Talents

Happy Half-Hours

Building upon the hit of the summer, this past quarter we continued to enjoy monthly Happy Half-Hours. The spirit of our traditional Co-Working Days continued, though, as these events held via Zoom were a great opportunity to meet peers, see what they are working on and get feedback. We checked in on each other and discussed cross-campus efforts like preparations for fall, safety measures and more. We talked about what skills we've learned during this time and even challenged each other to two rounds of trivia. Shoutout to the trivia queens:Gwen Riemenschneider of Academic Services & Enrollment Management in design trivia and Kimberly Smith of the College of Business in Nebraska trivia!


Free Virtual Adobe MAX Conference, Oct. 20-22

Adobe is hosting their annual Adobe MAX conference next week, October 20-22. This year it will be held virtually and is free to those with a Creative Cloud account! There will be 350+ sessions discussing everything from how to use their software, to creative techniques, to how to more efficiently work in a remote environment. Register and set your schedule and keep us updated on Slack on what you are learning! Then join us on November 13 at our next co-working half-hour to chat about what sessions you attended.

Register for Adobe MAX

Service Opportunity: Templates Working Group

If you'd like to serve on a new templates working group – a team of UComm and UNL print/digital designers working on templates for the university, please email Marcelo Plioplis here by Friday, October 30. Together, this group will create more templates for the university in the areas of print, digital and video. We will also evaluate current designs and add a few more designs to the mix by Fall 2021. Zoom meetings and design time outside your work requirements is required. This is a great opportunity for your designs to be used across campus and have a big impact.

Sound Off in Slack: Creativity and Mindfulness

It's hard to work fast and be creative. Join us in discussing how you keep your creativity flowing in the #watercooler channel in the VCN Slack.

One of the ways recommended is through mindfulness, a hot topic in recent years and for a good reason. It’s been scientifically proven to significantly reduce anxiety, improve stress reactivity and enhance focus and performance. Additionally, several studies have shown that meditation has a direct effect on your creativity, problem-solving and cognitive flexibility.

Interested in learning more about mindfulness? There's a three-credit-hour class offered during the Fall Three-Week session (Nov. 30-Dec.18) to explore. It's called Mindfulness and Embodied Practices for Well-Being (DANC 398/EMAR 391).  In this course, learn various mindful activities to grow and enhance stability and mobility of your body and mind including guided meditations and somatic activities, such as Pilates, Yoga, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Alexander Technique, and the Feldenkrais Method, to encourage feelings of well-being, reduce stress, and find the stable core, physically and emotionally.

Sound off on how you promote creativity during this time or about how you practice mindfulness in our discussion in the VCN Slack. Not yet on Slack? No worries - sign up here with your @unl.edu email address.

Tips, Tricks & Resources

Elevate Your Designs With Typography

Leading, tracking, kerning, what does it all mean?! Not sure where to start, level-up your typography design with these 10 tips from Dribbble. These simple tips can help create a more appealing design and overall better presentation.

10 Typography Tips
Unimpressed cat lays on top of laptop computer.

Five Tips for Zoom Fatigue

Zoom Fatigue is real. Let's combat it. Harvard Business Review shared five research-based tips to help us make video calls less draining.

1. Avoid multitasking.

2. Build in breaks.

3. Reduce onscreen stimuli.

4. Make virtual social events opt-in.

5. Switch to phone calls or email. (...or Slack or Teams or...)

How to Combat Zoom Fatigue